Ivo Kolin was born in Zagreb on September 23rd, 1924 and finished the Nautical Academy in Dubrovnik in 1944. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy in 1949 and from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in 1955, both at the University of Zagreb. He held two doctoral degrees; the first one in Technical Sciences was awarded in 1972 from the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Technology. His...

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Stirling motor

Ivo Kolin presented his new Stirling motor at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering of the Zagreb University on 17 November 1982. For the first time in the history of piston motors heat was turned into mechanical work at the temperature lower than the boiling water. Very soon, the newly invented principle came to United States, where it was improved by prof. Jim Senft. He succeeded in running his...

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Order a book

The book contains applied mathematical dependences of electricity production per capita per annum (ε) and gross national product per capita per annum (γ), based on the statistical data for each country in world.


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